thank you!…

Thank you for all your amazing birthday wishes and kind, beautiful words.  
I am truly touched and quite emotional today after reading them.
You guys rock!

off to Bath for a day with Dan (no kids!).

p.s. will do the draw for the giveaway later today, you still have to time to enter.

have a great day!

  • Happy birthday to you. Have an amazing day just being you and give Bath a big kiss from me! Xx

  • Happy Happy birthday! Have a terrific time in Bath just you two. Hope you enjoy the next decade as much as you’ve enjoyed the last.

  • ooh how is it possible that i have not yet wished you a happy birthday? HAPPY B’DAY LADY!!

    xo em

    p.s when i reed that last sentence i thought it said ‘off FOR a bath with Dan’ and i thought… humm- personal but hey, thats great.


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