“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Charlie: Turned 7 today.  Loves Lego, life and learning.  My little big boy. Happy Birthday darling.
Rufus: Wrote a perfect sentence in school ‘In the snow I will meke a snow lion’ – and he did.  Sitting here so proud.

A whirlwind of a week, such contrast in these two images to last weeks, when it was full winter sunshine.  Since then we have had snow, and a 7th Birthday Party – Rock climbing.  Playing along with the 52 project.  


  • beautiful pictures Lou, your boys are so sweet. I love those first written sentences, I have all of my brother’s schoolbooks from that age, they are hilarious but in that way that makes you want to cry happy tears

  • Happy Birthday Charlie – and oh my goodness 7!! Z turns 7 in August and it sounds so big to me somehow. I instinctivly measure childhood in blocks of 7, so 0 – 7 is early years, 7 – 14 is middle and 14 – 21 is late, so reaching 7 is like crossing a bridge somehow. Anyhow, lovely pics and let’s catch up soon!

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