A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013
Charlie: My boy you have grown! Now 7 years old, and learning the guitar.  I want to hold on to these years and not let them go.
Rufus: Any chance to make someone laugh he will be there. My funny face.

It feels like Charlie has grown overnight.  His young years are slipping from my fingers and I desperately want to cling hold to them.  But at the back of my mind there is a voice saying ‘cut the apron strings a little mama, let him fly’.  But it is so hard.
This week Rufus told me he wanted to sit next to Amelie at school lunch time, ‘But, she is NOT my girlfriend!’. (He has never mentioned her before, it’s like he’s just noticed this pretty little girl). 
Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.
  • oh i know exactly what you mean! My eldest was 8 last month (and is also learning the guitar!) I look at him and I can see what he is going to be like as a young man – it makes me what to stop time ..!

  • Really natural to have these thoughts. I remember there was a real shift when my son hit 7. No longer the sweet sweet innocence of a 5/6 year old but somehow more learned and ‘grown up’.

  • Thanks for commenting on my 4/52, yes my boys are just like Barry and I. Are your biys like you and Dan in personality too?

  • these are just too cute. i love the photo of charlie. reminds me of my son and his guitar ;)

    lovely blog. new follower.

  • i feel exactly the same lou. sometimes it stops me in my tracks that they won’t always be children. too hard to think about. i wish it would slow down just a little bit. x

  • You know I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what O will be like when she’s 8. That’s like, 25 years away, right? Kellie xx
    PS Lovely photos of your more than adorable boys.

  • Lovely photos. I especially like the one of your son playing the guitar. He really does look like a mini adult. I have an 8 year son, and I very much understand deep down, every word you say! Some days the time seems to drag on, but always races by too fast in retrospect.

  • ooo i get it, cutting apron strings, like cutting a mamas heart right out!xxx

  • Oh Lou … I know how you feel … my eldest will be 7 in April and I can’t believe how grown up he is … I just hope he will always think its OK to give his mama a cuddle … Bee xx

  • Your boys are very cool Lou. I sympathise with the cutting the apron strings angst. Louis will be 8 on Friday and he’s so much like a little adult now – need to get those hugs in before I’m suddenly the most embarrassing parent in the world!

  • You could imagine taking a photo of Charlie in that same position in 10 years time – sprawled on the sofa, guitar in hand. Rufus’ pic looks like it’s land ahoy!

  • My eldest is learning the guitar too – such a lovely instrument and not screechy like violin or woodwind! My second wants to learn drums though – not sure I want to encourage that!

  • So lovely. Hope he picks up the guitar soon for your sakes! I remember banging away tunelessly at our piano for years! x

  • I promise you, the flying brings a whole new level of pride. But I know what you mean, so hard to watch them grow and little by little, leave.

  • Lou, what a couple of cool dudes you have! Such a timeless look in black and white. Lovely. Laura x

  • They are gorgeous, and 7 is the best age. It’s one of the most wacky, inquisitive, creative and wise times in a person’s in my opinion.

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