a moment of peace…

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I have looked forward to today with real mixed emotions.  My two wild and roaring boys have returned to school.  And as much as I love having my pride of lions close to me, I have longed for some freedom, some air to breathe and a moment to myself.  The noise level over Christmas was all too much for me… I needed space, space for me to clear my buzzing head.
So this very morning after I returned from the school run I found myself sat at my dining table, enjoying the rare silence around me.  I poured myself a soothing cup of mint tea and breathed in deeply….ah …. it was so quiet I could even hear the clock ticking on the kitchen wall. Bliss.
Although my moment of peace was short lived, every second was savoured and stored away.  One day I will have a little retreat to go to, in my desperate need for solitude, away from the noise of the everyday.  Yes my dear friends as the title of this blog does tell, I am a lover of sheds.  It does seem I have a masculine streak!

Right now I am lying on the sofa with the noise of young boys around me, nursing a sore jaw from a dental procedure I had this afternoon.  It is so painful! Off to bed shortly.

Note to self… on the first day back of term… do nothing but sit and drink mint tea! And NOT go to the dentist!

  • Ah, I can relate. Enjoy your much-deserved soothing cuppa. I have two lovely rambunctious boys too (and two weeks left of school holidays – yikes).

  • Hi Lou, How I know how you feel but I was doing this twenty years ago and do be sure these feelings reoccur in many different shapes and forms. xxxx

  • I love my son with all my heart and I understand you, everybody need some quite time, 5 minutes , an hour, something to clear our heads and work better, be better, and please don’t go to the dentist on your free time haha! hope you feel much better!!


  • I totally get that!

    You are right, it is bittersweet when the kids go back to school, but I had a very happy hour yesterday cleaning and listening to woman’s hour without a single interruption. And of course, we can achieve SO much without small people around all the time.

    Gillian x

  • Oh, me too!! I love my three immensely, but they are so loud they make my head hurt – and that’s without root canal treatment! Poor, poor you. Enjoy your beautiful imaginary shed and mint tea. xxx

  • That little shed looks like an amazing hideaway! Definitely what we all need at this time of year. I hope your jaw is better in the morning, so you can enjoy another cup of mint tea :)

  • Jen you took the words right out of my mouth. Bittersweet for sure. Hope your jaw feels better quick Lou. Take care!

  • This post really resonated with me. I always find the first day of school bittersweet. I am so conflicted as I miss the boys, but love the peace!

  • No to dentists! I have a very simple get away cabin in my head too or even a sort of hermits cell for those moments when only total peace will do xxx

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