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The snow is slowly melting here lovely friends.  Outside there is a steady drip, drip as the snow is defrosting from the roof.
I have a poorly Rufus home with me at the moment.  He is currently snuggled under a blanket on the sofa, eating an apple, wearing his fluffy bear slippers.  During the day he is ok, it’s the night when his temperature rages, and he talks non-sense.  It’s is so sad seeing him feeling unwell.  I hope this bug doesn’t go to his ears again.. it always does.  Ah well… a few days of cuddles and drawing will see him right.

So whilst, he was watching a Ninjago Lego Dvd, I had a chance to make a little treasury of pretties for you.  If you click on each image above it should take you to the Etsy shop. A little monochrome treasury of  loveliness.
Have a great day!
  • Aw poor little guy hope he feels better soon!! Just wondering as you say it goes to his ears (our son has this and ends up with continuous ear infections). Do they grow out of it as they get older as we keep being told? Love the images xx

  • Poor Rufus, hope he feels better soon.

    Love that little jumper! Almost enough to make me want another small person…

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