Nature in the Home…


Hello… brrrrr it is so cold here today!
Last night we had the hardest frost this winter so far … I had to look twice out of the window this morning as I thought all the white was snow, but sadly no, just Jack Frost up to no good!

So to warm us all up, today’s Nature in the Home features the brightest of tulips.  I bought these beautiful flowers from my local green grocers last week and they cheered up my dining room no end.  I love the colour contrast against my blue/grey wall and in the sunshine the colours just sing!  Sadly, they are over now and have been re-placed by the tiniest Narcissus, the smell is divine.

Have you started to fill your home with Spring blooms, or do you have flowers in your home all year round?

  • Only recently have I started to fall in love with my apartment. After one housemate moves out and another moves in and a big change around of the living room, I have come to realise that I actually really like our space! And since this discovery, I too have started filling the communal areas with spring flowers! Currently we have a scatter of Daisies, however they are slowly on their way out! But I already have a back up bunch of some more blossoms to brighten up these wintery days :)

  • Love the tulips. Spring flowers are my favourite and I go mad for bunches of tulips, daffs and narcissi this time of year. It’s about needing to bring some colour and greenery into the house in the dead of winter.

    Gillian x

  • After seeing the lovely colour contrast with your tulips, I am definitely going to start buying spring flowers for the house. A perfect way to pep up the house after Christmas x

  • A friend gave me a bunch of sunflowers a few days ago. I don’t think I’ve ever had a big bunch in my house before. And my, are they lovely! So sunny and yellow and very fitting for our hot summer. Kellie xx

  • I love tulips, it’s my favourite flower! I had white tulips for my wedding, now this was in the middle of the summer in greece and the poor things had to be kept in the fridge until the very last minute! But this time of the year (especially with the frosty cold right now) they last for a good while! Enjoy your Wedneday /maria x

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