Nature in the home – a series …

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The temperature here is slowly changing from a mild wet winter to becoming colder…. a proper winter at last.  The rain can just stop… I need crisp golden days please!  
During the winter months, gardening is far from my mind, so I am feeding my green fingered need by looking after my house plants.  A Mother in Laws Tongue is high on my wish list.  I would love one sitting on top of my sideboard – I might just treat myself.
This weeks Nature in the Home belongs to the home of Jenna Brinning via the quite beautiful blog freundevonfreunden.  You can see here that Jenna has a huge love of house plants… every room in her apartment has at least two.  I love this particular image, it shows how light the space is, Jenna’s love of mid-century furniture, that gorgeous floor and how house plants can truly compliment a home, giving it sense of life.
Do you have a house plant?  Do tell!

  • I have a couple of house plants but the gorgeous big palm in the living room is starting to look very sad. We moved it into the garage over Christmas because we didn’

    Gorgeous room you’ve featured here today, Lou.

    Gillian x

  • i have 1 that i am sure will die any day now! I am rubbish at keeping plants alive, even when i remember to look after them!

  • we’ve got a mother in laws tongue in our laundry – its years old and we pretty much completely ignore it but its beautiful and massive !!

  • We have about 35, including 3 ridiculously huge mother in law’s tongues. They’re my husbands and I mostly hate them, which means I have no soul apparently. I like the succulents and a bay tree that we have, the rest are messy and too damn big.

  • Wow, Jenna’s home is beautiful! We have a few house plants, including a Mother in laws tongue, which I love, and is very easy to keep. But we could always have more. I love orchids but can never keep them alive unfortunately.

  • I hadn’t realised this but I need more house plants. I love that picture sooo much.

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