• We LOVE Oliver Jeffer’s books in the house. The adults and the kids. They are true classics. x

  • Great post! I watched ‘Lost and Found’ over Christmas on TV.(my two boys-and me- were mesmerised!!) I hadn’t realised there was a book! Am so excited and have gone and ordered three of his books!!

  • Ooh he’s lovely isn’t he…and rather handsome too! I love lost and found but haven’t read his books. I will get some for my sons birthday next month I think.

  • His books are very popular in our house too. Great to see that he really seems to love what he does! x

  • I want his life! I think I will enjoy his books even more now I’ve seen that video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dammit, I was going to blog this too – such a great video isn’t it. I love the sandwich hunting bit the best. I wish my kids liked his books more, for some reason they have never been fans. Annoyingly.

    I, on the other hand ….

  • Ted’s absolute favourite – he loves ‘How to Catch a Star’, ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘The Way Back Home’.

    What an awesome video {think I might very well love him too… shhhhh….}

  • Wow love this video thanks for sharing, I need to get more in the loop with childrens book illustrators!

  • Oh I love him too! Aren’t children’s books the best little pice of escapism sometimes! xxx

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