so what shall I do?

So here it is… 1.1.13
I feel fresh and ready to go!
Today here in Bristol the sun has shone so brightly after weeks of torrential rain.
It is a blessing right?
It must mean something … golden rays to mark the start of this year.
So what should I be doing this year?
Well last year for me was pretty marvellous (from a blog/work point of view).
So I feel 2013 should be pretty much the same… onwards and upwards.
So here goes:

* I am going to spend the next month, drawing, trying new styles, conjuring up new and exciting designs.  I feel a new direction is coming… watch this space.
* New collaborations and projects – a little hush, hush at the moment, but when I can spill the beans it is going to be super exciting.
* I would love to develop my photography, start making short films.
* Go on many more mini adventures with my boys and alone – to the mountains and wilderness to breathe and relax.
* Have wild weekends / day trips with my friends, visiting art galleries, marvelling at architecture and taking lots of photographs!
* Travel more.
* Learn a new skill – the banjo? (hmm a long shot, but putting it up here I might just try!)
* Eat well – learn to cook good wholefood.  Live simply.
* Finally finish my home… it’s getting there, slowly, slowly. De-clutter.
* Live lightly and smile often
* Play more
* Have plans to look forward to (dear friends, lets make plans!)

So there you go… nothing too drastic, still Lou pottering on through life!
If you would like to see this blog including something new, hit me with your ideas.
What are your plans for 2013…. should I be doing it too?

Oh and over there on the right – My January Loves List is up…. go see!
Sponsors.… I’ve altered my sponsorship page to include some new deals.
WINTER SEASON SPECIAL – a discounted 3 month deal on ads.
Hop over to see – I’d love to have you on board my journey this year!

  • love your new header lou, great font! i want to learn the ukelele. shall we start a band? x

  • Great post, Lou – love the new blog header and photo, very chic. And your plans sound amazing – I look forward to stopping by here next year. Gillian x

  • Happy New year! sounds like you have some very exciting plans, I’m looking forward to following them :) wishing you a very magical 2013!
    Ruth x

  • Hi Lou! Thanks for putting the ad up so speedily, and for coming to visit my new blog :) It sounds like 2013 has all sorts of marvellous things in store for you, and I can’t wait to hear all about your plans. All the very best with it. Laura xx

  • It was a fantastic day today wasn’t it? Think it is a good sign for 2013! Like your plans – your developing work sounds exciting. Happy new year – thank you for your lovely blog last year and looking forward to the next!

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