All this talk of January grey gloomy skies and look what happened!
Oh glorious golden rays how I have missed you.
The sun glanced through my dining room window and hit my plate wall so brightly I had to show you..
Pretty non?
I have a few more to add to it…I am thinking a mix of contemporary and vintage.. cos that’s the kinda girl I am.  Mix it all up!
Off to enjoy these beautiful rays!

  • I love your plate wall! We’ve been loving this bright sun too – cold, sunny days are the best kind.

    Gillian x

  • I love your plate wall! I have an addiction to vintage plates – but have never done anything with them – wonder if I could persuade OH to let me put them on the wall!

  • It’s been grey and wet out here in The Netherlands for days now, blah! :( Beautiful picture indeed! :)

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