Wildwood – the best gift..

Once in a while you stumble across something so sweet, so unbelievably magical that you spend your days thinking about it, living in that moment, becoming part of the thing…
To me that thing was a book called Wildwood.  I was in a local bookshop choosing books for Nephews for Christmas, when the spine of this novel called out to me.  It whispered – ‘Lou, I belong to you!’
As I picked up the book I gasped at the beautiful illustrations by Portland artist Carson Ellis… turning the pages I read small excerpts of the text. Written by Carson’s husband Colin Meloy (who is also the lead singer of the Decemberists) I was enticed to read further – on stories of uniformed coyotes, speaking owls and a forest so vast and wild that it was truly impassable in places.  Where humans and animals live hand in hand and work on the land together. Of a baby carried off by crows. Of a Green Witch and a tree counsel.
Yes – this book truly belonged to me… as I stood there in the shop, with the one and only copy of it in my hands, I couldn’t bare to put it back down.  It HAD to come home with.
I self gifted, there and then.  And didn’t once feel guilty about it.
Wildwood totally swept me off my feet.  I was well and truly in love and read it in 4 days flat. I must confess my dear friends that I haven’t read a proper book since having Rufus, so for me to be so completely in love was something so very special indeed.  
Wildwood is designed as a children’s book – but if you are like me, and you love magic, mysticism and nature – then my friends you love this.  Think of Narnia and The Folk of the Faraway tree.
Here are Colin and Carson describing their inspiration:

They are such a talented couple and such an inspiration.
I cannot wait for Under Wildwood, book two to come out later this year!
A book to read curled up in front of the fire – go read!
    • Hi – It’s probably aimed at 10 years upwards. It’s a big book (think the larger Harry Potter sized novels). It is lush! Go read it! x

  • I’ve been eyeing this for a while, wondering whether Nelly was old enough to appreciate it, it didn’t occur to me to buy it for MYSELF – what a genius idea, thanks Lou! x

    • I love kids novels – I like something that’s magic and far removed from reality! Without any seedy undercurrent like most adult books. Flora you will love this book. Then keep on the shelf until Nell is ready! xx

  • Oh this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, think I will have to look it out!
    ps Loving your blog :)

    Sarah x

  • Thanks for sharing; off to buy this one for my 6yr old (ahem, for me really)!

  • Wow,what a recomendation. I am going to now out it on my birthday list xx

  • Grand that sounds and looks beautiful. I have a feeling that it will be on a bookshelf somewhere near me very soon x

  • Ooh that looks wonderful! I love kids books (and of course so do the boys!) and Frank collects graphic novels so I’m not bothered if it’s for kids or adults…there’s a space on our bookshelves for it somewhere! Thanks for sharing. xx

  • this sounds absolutely amazing! might have to see if i can hunt down a copy for… well… myself!
    hope you’re well Lou! xx

  • It sounds amazing Lou … I have always loved children’s literature … I have a huge hardback of the Chronicles of Narnia … a gift a few years ago from my other half … off to check Wildwood out … thanks for sharing … Bee xx

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