A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

Charlie: This evening we had tea at the Thali Cafe.  Charlie ordered Thali chicken curry, something he wouldn’t have contemplated trying in the past.  I feel we have reached a new chapter in our lives.  A bigger, wiser, chattier son who loves the world and wants try everything.  

Rufus: Is loving drawing.  Especially Dragons.  Not so long ago Rufus was drawing stick style animals, but now he has developed a beautiful colourful style.  Today he asked me for a scalpel (a cutting pen as he put it) so he could cut his dragons out.  

Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.
  • The chapter where they love a Thai curry is going to be one of my favourites!! x

  • Lush. Curry and gorgeous photography – two of my favourite things! Just wish we could hang out with you this week, ruddy pox spoiling our fun :(

  • So nice to hear that they don’t want to just eat boiled eggs and cheese forever! Your boys are just beautiful x

  • Oh I have a dragon obsessed boy too. Your two are so similar! Love the cheeky face on Charlie. :)

  • Something absolutely so darling in their expressions. Captures mischievous delight. It is nice when right before your eyes lovely new chapters unfold. bravo for charlie ordering curry. My oldest is not quite there yet, but my youngest is. xxoo

  • Gorgeous. Growing up is wonderful. And exciting. And a little bit sad too.

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