How do you start your day?

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  If this is the case, then why am I not thinking more on variety and flavours just as we would an evening meal?  I must admit I am stuck in a rut and opt for the same variety of Bran flakes with bananas, the boys usually have a selection of ‘kids’ style cereals and Dan has toast.  Dull isn’t it?
So recently I’ve been thinking of better ways to enjoy my first meal of the day.  The people at Jordans Cereal kindly sent me some of their Super Berry Granola to try.  It is packed with crunchy pieces of oatmeal and delicious blackcurrants, blueberries, cranberries and crunchy almonds.  Over the past few days I’ve mixed it up a little having it some days with milk and other days with natural fat free yoghurt and banana chopped up.  I am converted!

Dan on the other hand is still enjoying his toast (that man loves marmalade!) but he is also taking to work an Absolute Nut breakfast bar.  A treat he says!  Poor love have I been neglecting him! 

My next project – is to get a juicer.  
What do you have for breakfast?  I need inspiration!

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  • I usually crave heavily buttered toast and marmalade but try to save that for a weekend treat. I normally eat porridge on a weekday but I do love the Jordans country crisp granola and often buy that too. x

  • I love waking up and thinking about what I’m going to eat for brekkie. Juicer’s are wonderful! A few of my fav home cooked weekday brekkie’s are warm brown rice (soaked and prepared the day before) coconut or almond milk, cinnamon, fruit and nuts, or leftover vegetables from the night before with a scrambled egg. Enjoy x

  • Gourgeous image. We’re on a healthy kick here too – variations of porridge, fruit and yoghurt and poached eggs on toast (gotta get that protein/serotonin fix) xo

  • On the rare occasion I do eat breakfast, it’s either toast or a cereal bar. I never considered making more effort in preparing breakfast as you would an evening meal until you mentioned it.

  • I love making granola! It is so yummy and a bit easier than you would think, and ounce for ounce cheaper than the spendy yummy healthy kind. I also love greek yoghurt and berries in it. Yum. My boys love slow cooked oatmeal. In these winter months it is a warming way to start the day. xo

  • Granola (sometimes I make my own, sometimes I buy), yogurt and fruit. At the weekend we brunch on mushrooms on toast or a current favourite of avocado on toast topped off with a poached egg. The children love me extra when I make pancakes!

  • I’m always since so many years ago every morning I drink milk chocolate or coffee is my ritual haha!


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