Nature in the Home – a series…

Image via here

Today has been such a lovely day.  My good friend Lottie asked me to join her on a trip to Ikea, now I know most people would hate spending the day there, but to us it was terrific. As we walked, shared and shopped, Lottie’s small son ran around, climbing in to the beds and re-arranged the rooms. He was so sweet and very entertaining (we did tidy after him, we aren’t that naughty!).  I love un-planned days like that, don’t you?

So anyway, here we are again with another weekly image of nature in a beautiful home.  This week shows a collection of cacti and succulents on the windowsill of a light filled dining room. I love succulents, I’ve just bought myself the purple/lilac one of these.  It is so pretty sitting on top of my sideboard.
For more images of this most beautiful and stylish home please have a look here.  I’d quite like to move in.

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