Nature in the home – a series…

nature in the home
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You probably already know of my love for succulent plants, At home I normally have one type in a pot (like house leeks), but I found this image on Pinterest  and loved it!.  It’s like a little tropical rain forest or magical island.  An island of green on your table – I like this idea a lot.
And the beauty of it, it won’t need much attention either, bonus!
Do you like it?
  • hi Lou. i found your blog through and the tress, it’s lovely here. i love succulents and am trying to be better with them. i tend to like watering my plants. a lot. most of them like it. but i know succulents tend to not. happy weekend!

  • So perfect and lovely. We have some succulents outside. I need to bring a beautiful pot like this in and fill it up with lovelies. At our house it is all lego hobbits & elves & orcs. They would use this to wander about, running away from ring wraiths and fighting orcs. xo

  • I absolutely love it – I could see little stray lego ninjago men or tiny toy dinosaurs hiding in amongst it!

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