Nature in the Home – a series…

How are you?  It’s nearly March!  Last day of February is tomorrow… hurrah!  Spring you are so close I can practically touch you.  I love the transition months… Spring & Autumn are always so much  more inspiring and uplifting than summer and winter.
I’ve been writing this series ‘Nature in the Home‘ now for 8 months. Can you believe it? 8 months of feeling inspired to bring flowers to  my table or water my plants a little more.  Plus I love to see how others place plants in their homes too.  Not just a pot stuck in the corner, but draped from shelves, arranged around doorways and hung from pretty baskets and pots.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.  Seeing all these homes with plants and flowers has totally inspired me to make room for a small succulent or a vase of blooms on the table.  I hope it has you too.

So do you remember my post on Sunday?  I do hope you will join me.  I am really looking forward to seeing your tulips, succulents and palms!

To join in just add your link to the button below.  So please don’t be shy, show us all your Nature in your home too.  I know you are a creative bunch.
Thank you!

Also here are a couple of button’s to add to your blog, if you feel like it.  First one is 250px and the smaller is 170px.

Edit:  I’ve added a html coded grab button over in the sidebar for those of you who have requested it.  I hope it works!  Email me if you have a problem. x

  • What a lovely idea Lou! I will have to join in next time I arrange a nice plant or buy flowers for the house :)

  • From one Lu to another Lou… I love this series! I’m a regular reader of your blog. Look forward to seeing more. Lu

  • Got your button! I will be sharing my ‘nature in the home’ very soon, it involves my very special lemon tree (that hasn’t got a lemon in sight!)…

  • hi lou…jane from the flight platform msg`d me to tell me all about your linky and am so pleased she did….now im off to explore your beautiful blog!
    Allison x

  • Lovely! I can’t wait to start bringing flowers into the house again;) xxx

  • Yay the button worked!! I may move it about but its taken me so long to figure it out I will leave it where it is just now! Excited already!! Jo xx

  • Lovely idea Lou, will be joining in for sure if that is ok with you, Jo ps the buttons are beautiful!

  • Hi, I’ve joined in, I too am a huge indoor plant lover, great idea to link in, pleased to meet you Lou :)

  • Beautiful photo, and lovely blue. I’m joining your series!
    Have a lovely day!

  • Lovely – I wish I had a blog to join in with you! Sadly I think doing that on top of everything else may just push me over the edge! One of my favourite things at this time of year is branches with little buds just opening, blossom and forsythia – I could get quite carried away! And it is sunny here for the first time in ages – i hope it is with you too! x

  • Very pretty Lou! I have added my link, thanks for starting a linkup, I look forward to cheering myself up with lots of natural prettiness! x

  • That button is so great – will be joining in just so I can show that! It’s beautiful. I’ve never been big on house plants, or rather, they don’t like me much, but I do love having flowers around and now I have another excuse to photograph them!

  • are you kidding me i was coming on here today to say could you do a linkup to inspire us to join in! NO WAY!!!!!!! i missed sunday’s post! how odd is that! i am going to play! grabbing buttons now and loving your nature in the home xxxxxx

  • Oh, it looks so lovely Lou. Good job. And love the buttons too. If I ever remember to buy flowers, or snip some from the garden, I’ll be sure to join in xx

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