A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

Charlie:  Your love of biking is growing stronger.  Yesterday you helped Daddy to fix his bike.  Learning how to change a brake cable.  Afterwards you both cycled to the City Library… enjoying your weekend rides together.  Returning with a Tintin book and DVD and huge smiles.

Rufus:  Every time I am in the kitchen, you come and offer me help.  Yesterday morning whilst still in your pyjamas, you helped me zest and juice an orange and whisk the mixture for our Marmalade Loaf.  I love having my little helper.

Last week I loved to see Phiney all bright eyed in blue.  And Ted and his enormous eyelashes!  Who were your favourites?
Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.
  • Perfect light, Lou and such lovely expressions on both boys’ faces. I am due in 10 wks time, would be lovely to meet up, although I am already waddling! x

  • Ah, thank you! These two are ace – loving the helpfulness ;) and the light in the pic with Charlie is beautiful.

  • We’re loving Tintin too at the moment. Also Asterix, which my littlest boy spends hours pouring over, even though he can’t read yet. I just love seeing him sitting quietly with a book…

  • What gems these two photos are! I love the diffusion of light and the joy that both boys have on their faces. Delightful!xxoo

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