a little sunshine…

Friday is upon us, I am very pleased.  I’ve not been feeling particularly great this week.  Tired, lethargic and bloated.  I dunno what is wrong with me.  I’ve stupidly been self diagnosing on the internet (bad idea!) which hasn’t helped my mood.  Also Charlie has been off school the past few days with Slap Cheek.  Bright red cheeks and a mottled rash all over.  *sigh* when will we be healthy again?  One of us is always ailing!
So I am determined to shake off my funk this weekend.  If the weather stays sunny then I might dare to set foot up the allotment.  I haven’t been there since last September! EEEEK  It is going to look a right mess.
I just want it to look like it does in this picture, full of veg and cut grass, I am feeling a little daunted about the task ahead, getting it looking like that again is going to take a huge effort.  But I realise there is no rush, a little patch at a time.
Yesterday (with the help of Charlie) I sowed some tiny seeds, Chillies, Sunflowers, Broad Beans and Sweet Peas. They are currently in little pots on my windowsill in the kitchen.  I am so looking forward to seeing little green shoots and signs of life.  Sunflowers and Sweet peas, if my plot is filled with these beauties I will be a happy lady.
So what are your plans dear friends?
Please tell me you are off on exciting adventures.
Oh and thank you to all for your comments on the clothes dilemma.  I am planning a follow up post with all that I have found!
Have a wonderful weekend.
  • Looking forward to your allotment posts. Have just got my own very first allotment!! Yikes!!

  • get at it girl…add waterproof all-in-ones to that list of clothes! we have been planting seeds today…i spent the week clearing our tiny little seed house in the garden and today we planted. We did 4 types of sunflower, the tall giant ones, dwarf, teddy-bear…which look so lovely, and a coloured variety. We also did marigolds, delphinium and tomatoes, tomorrow its lettuce, leeks, pots, and more tomatoes. we have big plans for sweet peas here as well this year! xxxx

  • I hope you manage to get to your allotment – it always makes you feel better once you’ve done a bit, although mine is in such a state , it’s a bit overwhelming, I haven’t been down there in weeks, I’m lacking motivation and it looks like it’s going to be another soggy weekend! I think we will all feel so much better once we get some sunshine! x

  • Allotments are indeed a bit scary at times. I took mine over back in July, so this will be my first growing year, and I have a long, long list of things to do already. As well as sorting out the garden and the seven hundred other things… But it is exciting I think.

  • Hope you feel better over the weekend, not adventures here, helping with homework, guitar lessons, swim lessons and packing a bag for a nine year olds school camp, in amongst that a girlie lunch is planned. Happy Weekend.

  • Your allotment looks wonderful. I hope it won’t take too long to restore it to its former glory. Regular cups of tea and slices of cake should obviously be taken along for sustenance. We’re off to see my parents on Sunday to celebrate my mum’s birthday and for my sins, I am chasing twenty Beavers and Cubs round a forest tomorrow…. Have a great weekend and hope the sun shines for you x

  • We’ve (well, I say we but actually ‘he’s’) been digging our allotment a metre at a time for the last month or so… we got some new raspberry canes in this week and even though the weather is still *foul* I can now almost taste Spring… bring it on!! Sympathies re the self-diagnosing-via-google horror… best avoided and assume instead that a bit of a de-tox and some extra sleep will fix it ;-)

  • We are off to Veggiestan this weekend, by which I mean we are cooking a meal for friends based on Middle Eastern vegetarian recipes. I’m hoping it will warm us all, even if we can hear the cold rain plopping onto the skylights!

    I’d love to come down to your allotment sometime. I miss ours…

  • Oh dear, poor you. It’s probably just a bit of a post winter slump. Nothing some fresh air and sunshine won’t cure. Hope you are all better soon! x

  • how beautiful…i only have a small court yard~ but I am being good with the small space this year- lots of veg in tubs and pots is my idea & some canes to grow sweetpea and runner beans ;0)…hope you all feel much brighter soon…my 6 yr old Sophs has been on antibiotics with ear ache and ear infections it only seems like a week ago we’d got over the dreaded flu…not been a great few months for feeling well~ think it has a lot to do with cold temps to warmer temps back down to freezing again…i almost felt happy that it rained today as it felt a degree warmer hehe ;0)x

  • This looks lovely. It’s been too hot here to do much in the garden, but I’ll think I’ll be planting herbs this weekend too. I hope you are all feeling better soon x

  • HI Lou, I think it’s called ‘Allotment Therapy’. A bit of pottering, ten minutes of pretending to dig, a hot mug of tea and the whole family coming home caked in mud. Bliss.

    Actually getting anything planted is another whole thing, but hey, it’s only March!

  • Morning, loved the photo of the allotment. my garden is such a sad state in areas. Vegetables and flowers are my aim this summer, well done doing the seeds, you’ve inspired me to give it a go too. My rhubarb is my only success at the moment it’s just peeping through. Thank goodness for the snowdrops adding some joy out there and daffs are nearly up. oops, waffling. Have a good weekend. katie

  • We find a probiotic everyday helps to keep everyone pretty much healthy. As for that clothing post … bloody hell I looked up that toast website and I want so much! And our exchange rate is terrible! It got me to thinking that you should be ordering things from here …. bassike, gorman, and the like. It’d all be cheap as chips to you lucky poms. Happy weekending to you. Kellie xx

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