Easter break…

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Just popping in to wish you all a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Unfortunately this Easter holidays I have been stuck in bed, with an eye infection and swollen face.  Taking strong antibiotics and sleeping. Generally feeling a bit sorry for myself!
So no adventuring at the wonderful campsite, but I shall be going in a couple of weeks once my eye has recovered.
Whilst feeling incredibly housebound and stir crazy this image above is really a reminder for me, that this infection will pass and I will get out there and explore soon.
Wishing you guys a wonderful family filled Easter, and happy feasting on all the chocolate, cake, and buns.
  • How rubbish to be ill now, when you were looking forward to the holidays so much. Get well soon Lou. xx

  • Hope you are better soon – I have been struck down by flu and feel equally sorry for myself! Healing vibes all round x

  • feel better soon! so sorry you are stuck in bed for the holiday.
    happy easter-y goodness though.
    may it still be a lovely time, nonetheless.

  • I hope you feel well soon and manage to do all the things you have missed out on. I’ve just joined your lovely link up what a lot of beautiful posts – I love bringing nature into my home.
    Sue x

  • Oh booo! Sending healthy vibes. Hoping you’re better soon xxx

  • Hope you’ll feel better soon sweetie!
    Have a great easter nonetheless! :)

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