healing yellow buds & tea…

This past week I have been feeling unwell.  An eye infection, that caused my face to swell, terrible headaches – then strong tablets, not sleeping and weeping eyes.
It has been horrible.
But with the help of Dan, his constant care, cooking healing foods, big hugs, taking me for slow walks in the watery sunshine, being the main parent with the care of the boys – I am now on the slow mend.  This weekend he came home with the best healing gift a girl could wish for – bright yellow tulips and soothing smoky Da Hong Pao tea.
I am feeling much better now.
Thank you Dan.
This is my contribution to Nature in the Home.
Tea Cup is by my friend Laetitia and you can find it in her shop: Mamzelle Titoo
Traditional Chinese Gaiwan Teapot from here.

  • Poor you. Sounds like you’ve been given the best medication from your loved ones – love. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hot tea is the best on days like that. Hope you feel better soon. I love your Nature in the Home Series, it is very inspiring :)

  • Firstly, hope that you are feeling better, lovely that you have been looked after. Secondly, love the styling in this image.

  • Get well soon, lovely. Thank goodness for kind partners bearing flowers and tea. x

  • Hope you’ll be better soon Lou … Happy easter and hugs from France ! ^.^

  • Hope you are back to yourself soon, sounds like your other half is supportive, lovely tulips! Xxx

  • Sounds really awful- glad you’re on the mend- tulips & tea- so very thoughtful.

  • Awesome tea pot, I have never seen one like that!



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