House Love…

Images via Ikea Family Live

Have you seen Jane Fosters home on Ikea Family Live?
Over the years of following her blog, I have seen little sneaks of her house.  Bright white with her trademark pops of red.  Lots of mid-century ceramics and delicious fabrics.
It is rather beautiful, bright and oh so happy.
More of Jane’s home over on the Ikea Family Live website.
Along with a little cushion DIY clip too – thanks Jane!

  • Those folding glass door are on my dream list. I LOVE light and the idea of indoor/outdoor living…even if it is only for a few months in Chicago! :)

  • Oh so light + bright + happy + beautiful. I’m a big fan of her work too. Her studio looks incredible.

  • I love it. My son has one of Jane’s miffy patchwork cushions and he cuddles it every night :)

  • Bi folding doors and decking are on my list of ‘wants’! I did a little intake of breath when I first saw the photo, amazing!!

  • Thank you so much for featuring my home on your lovely blog! xx I shall now add you to my best blogs list!

  • Can you imagine being a little one and playing in this room with all the colours and light and space? Wow! :) x

  • this is exactly it! my husband thinks i have lost the plot (i am in the middle of painting our house brilliant white) but this sense of light and lightness is it! i will have to show him these pics xxx have a wonderful weekend lou xxxxxx

  • super. you are right all the light bright white + color works so so well! xo

  • House and career envy! Saw it in the ‘live’ mag and pined a little bit…..!

  • I love this house, so lovely and sunshiney! Thanks for the link too, I’ve not been on her blog or shop before and am so pleased to have found it.

  • This house gives me huge house envy. All that white, just fantastic. I’ve just ordered a couple of her cushions to start my ‘new improved house’ furnishing started. They’ll need to be kept somewhere safe until all the work is done. Have a good weekend. katie x

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