meet the newest member of my home..

Here he is, meet Merlin.  Merlin because he’s a bit magic. (I could have gone with Derren or Paul!! (not) god am I going mad!?)
I think my little plant is rather cute, it looks like he’s waving at me.  Hi!
In the bottom image is my succulent called Blue – Merlin and Blue together on the sideboard (with the dust).
Ok I’ll shut up now.  
My new plant was given to me by my neighbour after she saw I had pinned one of these plants on Pinterest.  She took a cutting from a plant she had lovingly cared for, for many years.  Isn’t she kind?  Nice to have such friendly neighbours isn’t it?
This is my contribution to this weeks  Nature in the Home.  Hop over and see what everyone is doing.
  • I read this post on my phone the other day, but the image wouldn’t download, I just knew it was going to be a Pilea somehow! I long for one too – if only I had a kind neighbour with green fingers like you!

  • That is a very lovely little plant, thought it was a nasturtium at first, but followed the link you gave – he’ll grow into a handsome chap indeed! And the colours in the second image are perfect.

  • i love all the plant life happening here at littlegreenshed~ am i too late to join in? x

  • Ooohhhhh I am really taken with Merlin! Would your lovely neighbour like to take a cutting for me as well?! ;)
    I am snowed under this week with craft fair prep madness, but I will be back on board with Nature in the Home next week!!!
    Georgie x

  • Hi Merlin! He is waving!! In fact he looks like he’s waving and has a super hero cape on…or perhaps 4 hands if you aren’t going with the ‘cape thing’! he is lovely and yes you are slightly barking but only slightly and we love it! x

  • I have pinned the same plant too, it looks gorgeous! Is their a chance that your lovely neighbour would know the name of it so I can look for it myself? Love your plants against the blue wall! /maria x

  • Oooh, how cute! I’d love one of these. Wish I had a plant giving neighbour :) xxx

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