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It’s Mother’s Day in the UK this Sunday.  It comes round quickly doesn’t it?
I seem to spend most of my time looking at lovely gifts for my own Mum, forgetting that I am also a Mother too.  I think it is because my boys are too little to actually go out and buy me something themselves (although that is no excuse as their Daddy could do it with them).  I will be happy with a hand made card, a cup of tea in bed and a good cuddle.  Saying all that, I will be self gifting myself something though!  I am so worth that!
My local Florist is incredible.  Daily on the school run I am seduced by small bouquets of pastel hued hydrangeas tied up with twine and jam jars filled with the happy colours of ranunculus grace the corner on my local high street.  The sun always seems to shine there, those nodding daffs waving hi as I pass.  Yes I will most definitely be treating myself to a some floral treats this weekend.
My own mum will be staying with my Nan on Mother’s Day for the weekend, a good few hours away.  So I am thinking of sending them both something via parcelforce.  My mum and Nana both love plants and gardening.  The highlight of the gardening year is a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in May.  So with this in mind I have bought them both a pack of sweet pea seeds, pretty slate name tags to mark rows of seeds in the soil and both a garden diary to record what has been planted and where.  A pair of gardening gloves and a new trowel each.  I’ve packaged them up in a little baskets, which I found at the flea market the other weekend.  Altogether a lovely little gift for gardening lovers!
I chose Parcelforce as it worked out much cheaper than using normal postal services, and they will collect directly from my door without me having to queue for ages in the post office.  Perfect!
What are you planning to buy your mother for this Sunday?
Or do you self gift?  Please tell me it’s not just me!
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  • That’s a very beautiful post. I love the flower. I wish my mom is around for me to give her a wonderful gift. I really miss her. Anyway, my heartfelt mothers day wishes to all wonderful mom around the world.

  • Beautiful flowers, peonies are up there in my top 5 faves!
    Your gifts sound really lovely, I would be thrilled with something so thoughtful!! I am very doubtful that anything that fabulous will find its way in this direction, but no doubt the boys will of made some cards at school. Which is always very sweet.
    I have lots of flower orders to do, so I will be making my Mum a bouquet along with them!

  • That flowers are lovely, we don’t celebrate mothers day on sunday, we celebrate Mother’s day the second sunday of May. I know is early but I wish you an amazing mother’s day, you are a great mother with a beautiful family. Hopefully you get lots of flowers : )

  • sounds lovely, sadly my mum died a long time ago so sadly no one to treat, so i told, well hinted to my boys the only wish is for a lovely breakfast! which has not been prepared by me! x

  • Well I’d love to self-gift, but money is seriously tight right now, so that’ll have to wait!

    Exactly like you, I’ll be very very happy with a handmade card, plenty of cuddles and kisses and maybe a little chocolate ;) xx

    • Nell, you are so worth a small bunch of something pretty. All great mums are! xx

  • THAT bouquet is absolutely beautiful! truly I tell you! GORGEOUS! And though it is not mother’s day here in the US yet, I may just gift myself a small something so I can snap a pic of it for tomorrow’s nature in the home. (though we did bring in our aloe plant for the occasion…he will be my back up just in case I don’t make it to the market) xxoo

    • Rebecca, Oh I cannot wait to see what you come up with!! Really looking forward to tomorrows link up! x

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