Nature in the home – a series…

Image via Georgie of Violet & Green
How are you all this Wednesday?  Good I hope.  It is time once again for Nature in the Home link up.  Last week we hopped over to see some gorgeous homes and pretty spectacular plants and flowers.  
The image above is by Georgie, I love how she has arranged these beautiful orange tulips against that grey wall and by doing so highlighting the orange in the print above – simple yet really effective.  Isn’t it wonderful!?
I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts, and thank you so much for joining in with me.  Each week I am going to pick one image (and with your permission) have it as the image for the next week’s post.  Won’t that be wonderful!!?  I am really excited.  So get your thinking caps on and get snapping.
So will you be joining me again this week?  I really hope you do.  If you would like to grab a button for your blog you can copy and paste the HTML coding over there on the right and simply insert in to the layout of your blog.  (if you need some help just email me).
So over to you!
Have a lovely week.

  • i’ve just linked up for the first time. a new follower too! lovely blog :) Kate x

  • Hello, I am your newest follower and I found my wayward way to your gorgeous blog via a search on Alys Fowler (girl crush for style and garden) and I am so glad I stumbled across you. I love this ‘nature in the home series’ and will do my upmost to join in next week as this week has all been about our newly extended back garden unless I am allowed to link up an old post??

    Bye for now xx

    • Hi Rebecca and welcome. You can join in whenever you like and how often you like… x

  • I do have a shot I’m going to be sharing… although at my current rate it might be next week… always playing catch up!

  • I’ve been watching you’re lovely nature in the home series for a little while… thanks for letting me join in. This image you’ve chosen is beautiful!

  • Just recently found your fabulous blog…..I’ll be a regular visitor from now on :)
    Linking up to my flickr account as my blog is mainly crafting/cardmaking. Hope this is ok!
    Loving everyone’s photos so far x

    Jenny x

  • This looks like a very promising series of post! Love it already! /maria x

  • Dear Lou! I really love this series! I have a question: did you make your gorgeous button? it is so fabulous. Also, I think your idea to share images from the previous week is brilliant. I have been loving to getting to know so many different bloggers and this is such a great way to extend the community!
    Dear Georgie, your tulips are divine! I love their beautiful contrast to the grey wall and your beautiful mantle. thanks so for sharing!
    hugs from afar! xo

    • Hi Rebecca, yes that button is all my handiwork. I am thinking of turning it into a print. Thank you for joining in and spreading the love too! x

  • This is a lovely link up, Lou. I’m excited to be joining with you this week!

    Sar xx

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