Nature in the Home – a series… (week 4)

week 4

My love of Tulips will never fade.  Even when the blooms are open and about to crash they are still gorgeous to me.
This past week 24 people contributed to Nature in the Home.  We saw gorgeous vibrant displays from down under from Milina of Little Red Vikings, Imogen and Allison of Just Underneath showed us that leaves can be just as bright and showy as flowers – that pink!

Closer to home I loved Beth’s images of her Mother’s Day bouquet and Caroline’s (Patchwork Harmony) DIY tutorial on giving a simple teapot a geometric twist. She then filled it with pink tea roses.  Heaven.

Image by Caroline of Patchwork Harmony
Thank you to everyone who has been playing along, and for your lovely encouraging comments.  I am loving this series and it seems you are too! So – are you playing along this week?

  • Your tulips almost look translucent in the light, gorgeous. I’m loving joining in with the series and seeing everyone’s images and homes too. thanks, katie x

  • Those tulips are gorgeous! I’m loving this series, although it does make me want to spend a fortune at the local florist!x

  • So many photos of tulips about! Lovely…need to buy me self some:) xxx

  • I just instagram-ed my tulips with the hashtag #natureinthehome. Others want to join? I would love to see the photos that didn’t make the cut for their blog. It also allows other lovely folks to join in that don’t have a blog and just want to follow along with the nature series. Lou? thoughts? xxoo

    • Great idea Rebecca, I have noticed the #natureinthehome being used on IG in recent weeks. Yes I will do a round up next week I think. Thanks hun x

  • Gosh there are some really lovely posts. Really like Caroline from scraps of us… what a great idea! Hope you don’t mind me joining in, I’ve been meaning to for a few weeks now, but so far just managed some snaps from my phone! :) xx

  • My tulips are also on their way out, and look so beautiful in the late afternoon sun. They are almost prettier like that than when they were fresh! Love those tea roses too. x

  • These are gorgeous tulips. There is something quite magic about tulips, I’m looking forward to spring now! Thanks for the mention. To do list tomorrow includes replacing some blooms. x

  • Yes, I agree, tulips are beautiful. I’m enjoying joining in here, so thanks!

  • Oh they are so beautiful I agree. They remind me of when we lived in scotland and i was amazed how they just popped up everywhere you looked. They were bursts of beauty and happiness. Had to share my memory and love with you. Such a beautiful post xx

  • I too love tulips more than any other flower – although daffs come a pretty close second. I like the way you’ve photographed yours with that dreamy light. x

  • Gorgeous tulips, I love how the petals are almost diaphanous with that soft light shining through them. Last week I really enjoyed mooching through everyone else’s pictures. I am looking forward to doing the same tonight!

  • Hi Lou … I’m ashamed to admit I only discovered your lovely blog a little while ago, but am so pleased I did. I’ve been lurking but love the idea of this linky … ‘nature in the home’ is very much my thing too :D

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