Its Friday and I am mightily thankful for that.  It’s also the start of the Easter Holidays – hurrah!  Two whole weeks of chilling.  And chilling we are going to do.  Charlie was up last night with an ear ache, crying in pain.  And Rufus is still drained from tonsillitis last week.  So this holiday I am going to enforce rest, good food and building of strength.
Speaking of food I love this film above.  Such gorgeous details and her take on life is so inspiring.  I need some big pink blousey blooms for my table… I couldn’t take my eyes off them.
So what are your plans this weekend?
This evening we are off to Bristol Zoo for a special preview of the DinoZoo2 – it’s going to be exciting!
Saturday night, Dan and I have a night together as the boys are staying at my parents.  I am feeling relaxed just thinking about it.  We are staying close to home and going to enjoy a slow relaxing time, lie in, coffee and papers – bliss!  I must remember not to drink too much on Saturday night, I tend to get a bit heady at the thought of not having children in the house!!! Memories of a fun misspent youth still come back to me when I have no responsibilities!
Easter Weekend we are off to West Wales for a very special stay here – I cannot wait! (I am of course hoping it doesn’t snow!).
In other news – I am planning to take a ‘blog break’ over the next two weeks.  I will of course pop in with 52 portraits and Nature in the Home – but that’s about it.  So see you on the other side!
So, have a lovely weekend and if you are having a break over Easter, have a wonderful one.
  • When our eldest boy was little he had ear infection after ear infection and terrible ear aches that would make him cry. On his usual trip to the ENT dept at the hospital we saw a locum doctor instead of his usual one and he said that in Belgium they often give their kids chewing gum which allows air of enter the ear and the motion helps shift all the gunk. Well I gave him gum and watched him like a hawk so he didn’t choke (he was 5/6 years old at the time) and he NEVER needed antibiotics for ear ache again! I’m not suggesting that gum is a cure but it certainly helped my boy. Now a 17 year old, he still uses gum; just in case! BHC x

  • It all sounds lovely. I am very jealous of your child-free night and your break in Wales looks amazing. Enjoy the break. xx

  • Hope you have a great night tonight. I laughed to myself when I read you post – we also always have a little too much wine/beer when we get a night away. Its good at the time but it spoils the next day! We never seem to learn! Anyway have a fab time, Jo xx

  • Wishing you a lovely Easter holiday and a cosy Saturday night … Bee xx

  • Have a great time Lou, lots of fresh air will help your boys and you too xx We have a few plans, Cotswold wildlife park, woodland walks, Bristol Zoo to see the dinos too and lota of swimming xxx

  • Wow Lou that campsite looks amazing. I hope the sun shines for you! Have a wonderful weekend with Dan and have an amazing Easter break. We don’t break up till Thursday. x

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