Dreaming of a summer filled with camping under the stars..

I cannot wait for summer camping with friends.
Balmy days spent dreaming of cool ices, playing rounders, swimming in the river, sipping sundowners, the smell of woodsmoke as you cook your evening meal.  The laughter and shouts of happy children as they play in the nearby woods.  Mugs of cocoa and toasted marshmallows.  Star gazing and breathing lung fulls of fresh air.
I love it so very much.
In my mind the sun is always smiling, just a gentle breeze too cool ones skin, and most definitely no rain.
I’ve been pinning my camp heaven.
Do you do that?  Pin an ideal world?

Where do you go camping?  Do they allow a fire? (tell me of your secret camping spot, I promise I won’t tell!).

  • These are the very things I look forward to in the summer months, whether they happen or not. Thank you for sharing :) x

  • We’ve been to Eweleaze and it is great… but also great as in big! Good if you’re going with a crowd of friends and very child friendly. We always look for sites where you can have a fire, camping without a fire (esp in the UK) just seems wrong! Can’t we have a camping-blog- meetup in Summer 2013!?

  • I love Batcombe Vale in Somerset. A beautiful small campsite and one we return to over and again, it even has a boating lake! I’ve also heard good things about Eweleaze and Cloud Farm in Devon and we’re going to Wowo (Waspbourne) in East Sussex in July. And yes, I most definitely pin the ideal life. In reality, although we have a campervan and bell tent, it is often raining when we camp and once or twice we’ve given up and come home. Doesn’t stop me longing for our next trip though! x

  • Oooh I cannot wait either :) This year we have a few places planned and a few family festivals thrown in. I have done a lot of wild camping (mins children) in Cornwall and Scotland and made camp fires often, we also stayed in a Tipi in a place called Larkhill in Wales that encouraged fires, although this was more expensive as I suppose it’s glamping, although the tipi was very basic. There are a few campsites in wales that allow fires though. I also pin my ideal world, my ideal house, my dream life :) why not I say!

    Great post
    Laura x

  • Ooo! we are countdown to our first camping trip and have been busy getting all our gear sorted. I love your pinterest board, and yes I definitely look at camping through rose tinted glasses, and try not to think about the reality of traipsing across the campsite in the middle of the night for a wee and waking up with damp sleeping bags!!!
    we camp in the peak district, as it’s close to home, for odd weekends away, we camp at a place called Birchover which due to it’s proximity to the 9 ladies stone circle attracts a lot of druids, one year we watched them celebrating the summer solstice, that was really something!

  • Do you know, I’m not a massive fan of camping, but after looking at your board I’m ready to buy a tent and head off into the sunset to build my campfire. You make it sound wonderful. x

  • You have just brought back such fond memories – when my three daughters were small we camped such a lot. Many of our holidays were in Dawlish in Devon, we would camp in quite a basic campsite with lots of lovely space and a man in a van would come each morning selling milk and bread. Showers were cold and cost 20p – we would have to tramp across the fields in our wellies to go to the loo. But we all loved it and we would go when it was Dawlish carnival – such innocent fun we had x

  • Oh I often have flights of fantasy regarding summer. The stars the warm balmy air etc.

    Eweleaze Farm is a real gem of a camp spot. High on the cliffs of Weymouth gorgeous views, camp fires animals little kid and big kid heaven I think when the weather is just right though! I have a love hate relationship with camping!

    P x

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