little shed…

Yesterday I received a phone call from the allotment site chief, saying our little shed has had it’s door pulled off and the inside looks ransacked.

I thanked her for letting me know – but actually it was left in that state the last time we were there!  We don’t keep anything of any value in there, all tools come home, the only thing would be a load of canes, string and a broken parasol.
But the bad thing is – my little shed has lost it’s door.  She said it was broken up badly as the vandals had kicked it in.
I think we are going to have to fork out (like my allotment pun!) for a new one.  Wooden sheds aren’t the cheapest of things, but hey ho, we do need to have some where to store our gardening junk and importantly to shelter from the rain & have a brew.
And yes, I shall paint it green again.
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  • oh so so so love your new look! so much so I missed the awful part about it. Yuck! People can really be little turds. So so sorry about it though. And adore what you have done to the space! thinking of you all. xxoo

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