Nature in the Home, a series… (Week 7)

Image by Andrea – Little Buckles

I loved seeing all the posts of last week.  Such happiness in every image.  Thank you all of you for joining in, and giving such positive support to all.  It is fun isn’t it?

The image above is by Andrea from Little Buckles (and the minty colour is inspired from her blackboard wall, go see it’s lovely).  I adore her image of the broken Cherry Blossom, as blossom is a rare sight around these parts.  Spring being so late arriving.  
This week I noticed several other places mentioning the plant trend – (did we start it?  I like to think so!).  Holly Becker over on Decor8 recently blogged about her obsession with indoor plants.  Holly, please join us!
Also Toast posted about their recent Spring launch using flowers from the Flower Appreciation Society.  Those arrangements are truly breathtaking.
And – Kinfolk.  Beautiful Kinfolk, are holding gatherings around the world called Flower Potluck – workshops on flower arranging and food – oh I wish I was going to the London one.
So, lovely friends we are in great company!  I hope this inspires you all to keep going and finding new ways to arrange, to forage and choose your blooms and fall in love with house plants.  I cannot wait to see next week.
Have a lovely week.

  • absolutely love this idea! just added mine and about to check everyone elses :)

  • I hav noticed that trend elsewhere too! A global web of flowers blooming across the internet!
    So so lovely. (& I am so very sure the trend was started here.)
    wishing everyone a very gentle and lovely sloping week into their weekend!
    (PS -i may not get my post up until tonight -which I think means tomorrow for you. xxoo)

  • Thank you Lou! I’m sorry to say I had to re-paint the chalkwall to darker green. The mint wasn’t up to the job :( I think mint is one of my favourite colours though. xx

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