Nature in the Home – a series… (Week 8)

Image via Paisley Summer

It’s week 8 of our Nature in the Home link up.  Week 8!  Two months have flown by and we have seen some beautiful arrangements in some beautiful homes by beautiful people!!  Thank you for joining in.

This weeks image is by Penny from Paisley Summer.  She picked these blooms from her garden (UK people, Penny lives in Australia this is why she has roses in bloom – we will be there soon!).  Her hand picked flowers has really inspired me, such juicy hues… 

This week, I am determined not to buy cut flowers and forage for something from my own back yard.  Or even cut some blossom from a tree in the park (at the dead of night so I won’t get told off!).   Nature in the Home was never meant to be about spending money, more about finding something natural be it a leaf, feather, a branch of blossom, or giving a neglected house plant a chance to shine!  

So this weeks challenge:  Go forage!  Will you join me?

  • Those colours are beautiful against the blue of the glass. I’ll be foraging something for next week – the garden is slowly but surely coming back to life so it’s well timed!x

  • Gorgeous blooms, full of colour. I love the idea or finding or foraging something from outside. I am now looking everywhere I go… x

  • lovely flowers from Penny, just beautiful colours! This week I picked a few daisies and a little plant with tiny white flowers… most likely a weed! x

  • What a gorgeous image! I love to bring forsythia inside at this time of year, round here it’s only just starting to flower, I don’t have any in the garden though, so I do have to ‘acquire’ it from elsewhere!

  • Foraging is def the way to go, especially now that Spring does actually seem to be here! x

  • hello Lou. i’m properly joining in this week. i am all for not spending money on flowers. i just wish there were more wild flowers around me. cheers!

  • I am very up for a forage for the next entry! Lots of things actually starting to grow now so should be a good week!!! X

  • I normally only have flowers or leaves picked for free – this week I’m sharing a bunch put together by a florist – both have beauty though. (:

  • Thanks for sharing my photo Lou. I love the challenge of finding flowers and foliage for the house and have been known to snip bits from public spaces and overhanging fences!! x

  • OH NO! Most weeks i do forage…hence the leaves and twigs in my link ups, this week i so wanted cut flowers and treated myself….so not on board with you in photographic evidence this week but defo in spirit! xxxxx

  • Love those hand picked flowers, such amazing colours. I will be foraging away this week! xx

  • Morning, I’m up for a forage, there must be some amazing things going out there. Look forward to seeing what you find, katie x

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