Nature in the Home – a series…(Week 6)

Image via Lemonstale

I suppose it’s not really a surprise that I chose Janie’s gorgeous Pilea image.  They really are the most beautiful little plants, I love them.
I am so sorry I didn’t get round to visiting everyone’s blog this week to see your contribution… being ill was rubbish for that!  But I will make it my mission this week.
So, will you have Easter displays or are you over it?  What new plant do you have at home?  Any flowers growing in your garden that you’ve bought in?

I cannot wait to see!!

  • I need to keep an eye out for these pileas, they are so sweet. I hope you are feeling better. X

  • hi lou, so sorry, just realised i hadn’t linked to you in my nature post last week! i have rectified this now xxxx

  • Really enjoying all these posts and glad I’ve finally got round to joining in :) Hope you feel better

  • Hope you’re having a better week Lou! This plant is so cute. I really would love to find one over

  • Love that pic. You’ll have to let me have a cutting once your new plant has established!

  • I feels as if I’ve cheated … nothing’s growing here after all the snow so I’ve posted pics from years past! Next week, though, I’m determined to have some growing things in the house :)

    I love Janie’s pic too, such a perfect little plant!

    I do hope you’re feeling better Lou :D

  • Hope you’re feeling better now. I so wish I had the time at the mo to join in this series, I love it! Oh well, I may just end up being a late starter! : )

  • Aw no sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you feel brighter soon so you can enjoy the holidays with your boys! Love this image – what a lovely little plant!!xx

  • Hi Lou … thanks for your lovely comment earlier and for identifying my plant … it was a gift from my father in law and I never knew what it was called … I knew it was a cactus but that was all … it flowers continually … beautiful papery blooms which dry up and fall off and a few weeks later it buds up again … is this what they generally do or should it just bloom at Christmas … Bee xx

  • Hope you’re on the mend. I had hoped to have little seed pots for today’s Nature in the Home post but my boys got distracted with jelly making so preparing our (hopefully) bumper crop of home-grown vegetables and sweet peas will have to wait for another day! x

  • i too hope you are feeling better soon. it is such awfulness getting so very sick when you have littles. xxoo

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