Kinfolk – Flower Pot Luck…

I am just loving all the blogs and floral feasts from the Kinfolk Flower Pot Luck events.  So many beautiful blogs, photographers, florists and food stylists to discover too.  I just love following the links.

This one above was held in Brooklyn, NYC and is particularly beautiful.  A small gathering of people, made delicate ivy crowns and floral bouquets, and then feasted on delicious food.

A wondrous day if you ask me!  Oh how I’d love to have attended. I shall just have to do my own feast… what do you think?

All images are from the stunning blog – La Buena Vida.

  • ooooo yes! I will come! I hadn’t even seen this series before, what beauty! xxx

  • Fantastic. I love the effortless beauty of nature – the flowers on the table are amazing. If only we could all float round all day with bits of ivy trailing from our hair being gorgeous…

  • What a lovely idea. I see there was an event in Adelaide……in Australia but a mere 8 hours drive away! x

  • That looks incredible – when are you sending out invitations? *whistles nonchalantly*

  • Oww so beautiful! The flower arrangements are just stunning and that food looks blummin’ amazing! Lovely stuff :)

  • Absolutely gorgeous, it’s all just so dreamy. I’d love to sit & make an ivy crown :)


  • Those beautiful photographs represent everything I imagine my life to be but finding it difficult to create. They are how I feel inside but fear of showing on the outside. I guess having no friends in the south would make it difficult to host such an event as my husband and boys certainly wouldn’t xx Going to check out the blog xx

  • Oh my! I’ve checked it out – loving those dungarees
    and floppy hats. Gorgeous find thanks Lou. Claire xo

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