Kynance Cove…

You might remember last year when I said we had found our beach.  Well I am going to say it again.  We have found our beach!  

Kynance Cove is stuff of childhood dreams.  Rocky, wild and raw.  The trek down from the beach gives glimpse of the clear turquoise seas crashing below.  Scrambling over rocks at low tide, to finally land on white sands and soaring cliffs covered in barnacles.
At very low tide the sea allows you to skip round to the other bays, search for buried treasure in the caves.  We all became giddy in the delight of placing the first footstep on washed new sand.  Jumping in and out of waves, rushing to crash us against the jagged rocks.
Kynance Cove will always be in my heart.. the pina colada smell of the bright yellow gorse, the colour of the ocean. I love that word


lilac sea thrift billowing in the breeze. Sea gulls calling.  The smell of salt still lingers with me…

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  • Aww! I so love cornwall! It looks amazing in your pictures – i can’t believe we won’t be going this year :0( ….There’s always next year..!

  • All lovely, spent many years as a child going to the Lizard and still love it today, enjoyed all your photos. x

  • We went there a couple of years ago and loved it too, totally gorgeous!! :D

  • We are in mullion right now and going to kynance tomorrow…! Last time I was there was feb 2008 and the sun shone as I breast fed a tiny baby coco on the cliff top.

    • Alexis – wow! You must go to the Shipwright Arm in Helford. Such a happy place, perfect for families and a decent bite to eat. AND go to the Potager in Constantine and say hi to Annie. She runs the cafe there. The place is AMAZING. Have a lush holiday. The hedgerows there are incredible. x

  • Wow, it looks beautiful and your photo’s are fantastic. I have stumbled across your blog and it is such a lovely place to visit. Looking forward to seeing heaps more of your little blog xo

  • Beautiful images Lou. I love Kynance, one of my all time favourite places (and where we were engaged too) x

    • Now that’s romantic!!! I can see why he chose that place (presuming your Mr popped the question) xx

  • I LOVE Kynance cove!!!!! Whenever we go to Cornwall we make a point of paying a visit. We just sit there for hours watching the waves. Have you noticed that when you look out to sea the water seems higher than you are?

  • Outstanding photos Lou! WOW! Looks like a fantastic holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  • Off again, lucky you! Kynance Cove looks wonderful, real Enid Blyton adventure stuff. My very favourite kind of holiday.

  • Kynance Cove is so beautiful! I have also been lucky enough to visit a few times…it always makes me think of Enid Blyton adventure stories for some reason! Gorgeous photos too! laura x

  • Kynace Cove is one of our favourite beaches in Cornwall. We go there as often as we can. It’s a bit of a tek from West Cornwall, but soooo worth it. I love it in winter. It is an exhilarating place.

    Leanne xx

  • Kynance Cove is also our beach too! Well apart from our beach here in Bexhill-on-Sea of course. We went to Kynance Cove on our honeymoon and it felt secret and special. Love it, thanks for reminding me of a wonderful time and place.

  • What a gorgeous beach. I’m loving your photos. I spent many childhood holidays in Cornwall and Devon and will always have a soft spot for that area. x

  • Oh wow, what a beautiful beach! I always think that people who dismiss holidays “at home” are missing out… we have some of the most stunning spots here in Britain. If the weather is kind of course! Glad you had a lovely holiday B x

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