Nature in the Home – a series… (Week 11)

Sorry I am a little late today for the link up.  These weeks are seeming to fly by at the moment.
Last Wednesday it was May Day.  So, following the Pagan tradition I filled some tiny jam jars of small blooms from the garden, Cowslips, Forget me Knots & Primroses.  Tied some garden twine around the neck of the jar to make a handle and hung them on my friends doors as a surprise.
Partly to welcome in May and more so to let them know I appreciate their friendship.  One friend said I was like a May Day fairy… I liked that!!  I think it is a tradition I am going to keep and would love to see it spread across the globe.  It made me happy to do it and my friends felt happy too.  A small gesture of flowers… that’s all.
So how did we do?  I am loving the foraging, you guys are great at finding some beautiful things.  This week…. I’ve been thinking on a theme.  Shall we have a colour?  So for next weeks image – PINK!!
Go for it…. what will you find.
See you next week.

  • I would love to open my door and find a gorgeous little posy like that, a lovely idea indeed. Pink sounds good…

  • what a sweet idea! loving this series and discovering new blogs along the way x

  • That is such a sweet little idea Lou. I would have been so happy to get home to that.

    Was so lovely to meet you today, can’t wait til our next meet up xx

  • So so so lovely! I like the new prompt too, aways love searching for pink as I have very little of it in my house. PS I foraged for lemons on a neighborly meyer lemon tree ~that counts right? xxoo

  • Gorgeous idea Lou! We tie flowering hawthorn branches to the doors hereabouts, which is a similar idea but nowhere near as pretty :)

    I’ve posted (among other things) about stuff I foraged from a neighbours garden last autumn and which is still going strong if looking a little faded!

  • What a lovely thing to do! We don’t really celebrate May Day in Australia x

  • My mayday celebrations weren’t quite as sweet as yours, and what a lovely idea, guess I had better make some friends in this new town xxx

  • How lovely of you, fab idea to do for your friends :) ooh now you know I loveee pink ;) xx

  • Hi Lou just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comments earlier, and thanks for sharing my pic last week. I’m really enjoying joining in with this series, its made me want to blog again. xx

  • Posy’s waiting on friend’s doors, what lovely idea. Gorgeous photo too. x

  • Love it – the may day fairy! How magic for your pals to come home and find a lovely posy awaiting them.
    Looking forward to pink!x

  • Pink! Yeah! I need something to poke me in the right direction… now I need to go off and think pink!

    Lovely idea for your friends x

  • What a sweet friend you are and what an absolutely lovely idea. The photo is gorgeous, love the green. Up for a pink theme, it makes it fun having a specific goal. My flowers are from the garden this week, not exactly foraged! katiexx

  • oh lou that is beautiful! simply beautiful…i wish you lived down the rd from me! xxx

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