Nature in the Home – a series (week 12)…

Image by Lisbeth of Smilrynker
I love this image.  Blooms foraged from the garden, gently laid out on a pretty vintage plate.  It is so delicate and the colours are so vivid.
Lisbeth’s blog is one of my very favourites and we have followed each others lives for many years now. She lives in Denmark in a uniquely decorated home, living a waldorf inspired gentle life with her gorgeous family.  She has such great taste and I LOVE her sense of style, her wardrobe is to die for!. In Denmark, Spring has just arrived after the snow, what a wonderful time that must be.  Pop over and see what I mean!
So – I gave a theme of Pink for this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how this has developed.  Pink is such a happy colour, it helps with depression you know?  So lay it on me… bring on the pink.
Next week – Green…. foliage and green flowers (hard one eh?!).
Good luck.

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  • I really enjoyed this pink challenge, even though I was a week late with mine and I couldn’t officially join in! Hope you are enjoying your holiday so far! /maria x

  • Another array of loveliness! Every shot is beautiful. I’m just sorting out my new blog space amongst other things, but I can’t wait to get properly involved (if that’s OK?) xx

  • pink is as pink does. I definitely needed more pink in my life today and all these lovely photos are just the thing to chase the blue-ness away. xo

  • So pretty! Love this blog too. Nothing pink here so far, though my peonies are on the brink of bloomimg. xx

  • i will have to check out Lisbeth’s blog. hope you are having a good week so far!

  • Pretty pretty! Such a relaxing week colour wise – will get thinking green thoughts!

  • Lisbeth’s blog is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing; I’ve spent a happy half hour with Google translate having a look at it. Green is a great theme for next week, love it!

  • Wow! Thank you!!! This made my day;o) Love your lovely blog and I am so so happy to be a part of it! Hugs to you;o)


  • Absolutely delightful image, wouldn’t last a moment in my houss, someone would glue them onto paper or I’d find them squished into the floor. Loved looking for pink today, green next, got my eyes peeled already. thanks for the series, I’m loving it… Katie x

  • Love that display of blooms on a plate – it just shows that they don’t always need to be in a vase or jug to look pretty. x

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