Nature in the Home – a series… (Week 13)

Image via Lapin Blu

Hi there!
Last theme for Nature in the Home was pink – and oh you totally excelled yourself! Such a delicious variety of plants.  It was beautiful.  Thank you!

So I set the challenge two weeks ago for GREEN!

How did you all do?
Exciting. x

edit:  I forgot to let you know the challenge for next week: HEDGEROW

Also to answer Maria’s query – this series will carry on and on (if you want)… I am seeing richer colours like reds and yellow in the summer, oranges and deep plum in the autumn (why not show us your harvest), and on into winter when we bring in boughs of greenery for Christmas.  Why not?  It’s fun isn’t it?

  • i am having so much fun with nature in the home but hedgerow….. i am so confused….

    • Ah, okay. Hedgerow here in the UK are bushes that border roads, gardens or fields. So it’s foraging but what you can find in a hedge. Sorry! Don’t worry if you find this one a bit random, you can join in with whatever you have . xxx

  • This is oh so Fun! love this series. Must find hedgerow now….mmmmm…..xo

  • I will miss this series now the spring is over, maybe we could extended in the summer?! /maria x

  • That a lovely idea and a great image by Sarah-Louise, I have lots of flower images on my blog today but no green ones :-( bottoms. x

  • Gosh, thanks for picking out my picture, that’s really cheered my week x Beautiful greens so far x

  • This is my second time linking up – thanks for the inspiration and challenge of bringing nature inside.

  • My offering is from earlier in the year. I love using leaves inside, they are beautiful and interesting in their own right x

  • This is the last week I’ll be able to link up in in the morning. from next week my work days are changing – I’ll miss the calm half hour it takes to join in, katie x

  • i can’t resist this beautiful meme any longer, busy as i may be. i love a challenge, and nature in the home over winter will provide that!

  • green weeks have changed our lives…not kidding! we all now have abundant beauty in the weed patch, we are all obsessed with dandelion gorgeousness and magic and my kids are not scared to forage…after all leaves and weeds rule! Thank you Lou what a few weeks it has been xxxxx

  • Green was tough! I couldn’t find green flowers so I had so resort to herbs. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with. x

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