Nature in the Home – a series…

Image by Lynne of Papermash
Oh wow!  Last weeks link up was incredible, thank you so so much for joining in and foraging.  I loved everyone of your posts.  Each one bought a great feeling of joy.
This weeks image is by Lynne of Papermash.  She really went for it.  Secateurs in hand off she went and snipped some of the prettiest blooms.  So beautifully displayed, what do you expect from a super stylist.  Lynne owns the best shop Papermash – if it’s beautiful stationery you are after, this is your shop!
I wish I could have everyone’s image up here from last week. I could have picked all of them – you are talented bunch!  I loved Polly’s bright yellow and foraged arrangements, Nell’s (Phiney’s) hand picked delicate flowers, Doris’ Fuscias, Milina’s warm autumn display, Lisbeths little cup of Violets.  Heck I loved them all!!!  I am sure you must have your favourites.  Do tell?
Ok – last week we agreed that theme’s were a good thing.  I am going to think on that.  But this week… I think another Forage.  Lets really go for it.  Something we don’t normally gravitate to.  A bunch of interesting leaves, a fir cone, if you head to the beach what will you find?

Also – today is the 1st of May – May Day!  I recently read this article from Darling Magazine – about giving gifts to your friends and neighbours on May Day.  So maybe our foraged treats could be given to your nearest and dearest?  Just a thought. It really is a lovely idea.

Can’t wait.  Thank you all for playing along, it really is the highlight of my week!

  • Such a great series Lou. Lovely colours to brighten up this dreary spring. x

  • Definitely love it. Hats-off to her talent. Hoping to see lovely links in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

  • Happy May Day! Wonderful shot and I really look forward to this each week xx

  • When I was little, on the First Of May, we used to gather flowers, make small cone baskets out of construction paper and silently leave them on all our neighbors doorsteps. It was a long tradition of May 1st to do so (so love the pagan symbolism of it all). I had thought it was so perfect that this year, the first day of May should fall on your Nature in the Home Series! What luck! May Day has always meant flowers for me. And I forgot I had roses in my backyard! xo

    • Thank you for sending me here to Little Green Shed…I added my picture and excited that I have another reason to blog about my flowers! Thanks.

  • happy may! they say april showers bring may flowers… it was quite the rainy may here.

  • Thank you for hosting – I’m linking up for the first time, we have a small nature table that the kids add foraged flowers and items to from the garden and our walks I hope it’s ok to link that post each week with what we’ve got on display.

  • I am loving the series too, I’ve spotted amazing Camelia down the road but don’t have the nerve to swipe any. Kicking myself too, saw some gorgeous pussy willow in someone’s garden waste bin but did not take it because I was on the way into town, need to get braver. Have a great May x

  • Such a pretty image. Thanks for the link up again Lou, Im really loving this series. Happy May day. xx

  • I am loving the way this series encourages me to search around the garden. It’s amazing what you find when you look hard enough. Very inspiring. x

  • Loving the foraging – I’m not sure if foraging in my own garden counts but that’s what I did this week. Looking forward to relaxing with a cup of tea this evening and looking though everyone’s offerings this weekx

    • Jane it’s starting in 20mins. At 9.00am. You’ll have to wait Mrs Keen! :) xx

    • lol i worked it out as soon as i sent you the message! lol! bottom of the class for me! and now look how late i am…violin lesson and art day at school later!xx

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