Spring? Summer? Winter?

(skips around the table).
I know it was only a 4 day week here, but come on – that week was LONG!
We’ve had balmy sunny days, so hot all you can do is lie down in the shade (and lie down I did).
To freezing winds – and yes my heating went back on.
In one week it seems we’ve had all four seasons.  It’s crazy.

I’d like Summer please… warmth, sun-kissed skin, the smell of sun cream, eating al fresco, and ice cream.  Oh yes please!
I’ve been pinning summer to my Summer Time board.  Is this how summer is to you?
What do you love most about it?

Have an awesome weekend.  We are celebrating a 40th birthday with great food and family.  And then the following day a 7th birthday with games in the park.
Enjoy your days off.

  • That summertime board is amazing, there are some gorgeous images up there. That little wooden gate in the field looks pretty magical to me. And agreed, the cold, windy weather was most unwelcome. x

  • You are right, the weather has been crazy. Can’t wait for some hot weather. I just hope we’re not approaching the start of the monsoon season… Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  • here in miami it is mostly summer all year long. summer here started a few weeks ago and i already feel lethargic and wish it would go away :(

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