the lizard is awash with blue (bells)…

This evening I am sadly packing my bags to return home.  We have loved Cornwall so much!
Hedgerows, woodlands and even sand dunes are covered with bluebells, cowparsley and red campion.
Everywhere I look, these beautiful spring flowers are nodding their pretty heads.  
Whilst the Helford river, the beaches and shores have delighted our need for the sea.  Boat rides, crabbing, sand castles and paddling.
The Lizard has weaved a magical spell over us.  Cornwall you have excelled yourself. 
Can’t wait to return very soon.
  • You make me feel like I should jump on a plane and head to Cornwall. I’m sure I belong in the UK! Oh and I have red sandal envy too. LOVE them.

  • beautiful image Lou, you’re making me want to stay in Helford too! Can’t wait until our holiday in July x

  • There’s something about Cornwall, it is magical. Sadly we won’t be making it there this year :-( oh well, there’s always next year!

  • Oh it is indeed so lovely in Cornwall. Glad you had a lovely time. Hope you have a great long weekend. I’ve heard the sun is going to shine!

  • It is absolutely gorgeous here in Cornwall in May. I am so lucky to live here & so glad you enjoyed your stay! x

  • I’ve now got serious shoe envy,are they hasbeens? Not that we’ve had the weather for anything so summery as yet. The red against the green looks brilliant. Glad you had a good break. katie xx

  • Glad you’ve been having a wonderful time :) Look at those pretty toes with pretty nails in pretty sandals! (reminds me I need to give mine a little love)

  • Glad to hear you have had a wonderful time … love your sandals … Bee xx

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