A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013 

Charlie:  Seems to have grown a foot these past weeks.  His favourite thing to do at the moment is play with his super soaker and his new friend Sylvie from up the road.  On week days after school – take your life in your hands walking down our street.  No one is safe from being soaked – not even the cats.

Rufus: Here he is telling me all about how trees can breathe.  Apparently they swish their branches in and out and this is like the trees lungs.  We shouldn’t have trees indoors as they are dangerous.

Both images were taken at a park in Bristol where there is a huge paddling pool.  Post water, squeals, soaking and snack.  A moment of calm.
Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.
  • A paddling pool in the park – what a brilliant idea! Love the shots, especially chatty Rufus!x

  • I also have two boys, these are wonderful photos. I know how difficult it can to capture two always on the move boys. I’m a new follower, very happy to be following after regulary popping in. Happy weekend!

  • I have two boys too, and this really made me smile, I can’t wait for moments like these!

  • I remember that park from my time in Bristol. We’re lucky to have a paddling pool at our local park here in Thornbury as well – it’s worth a visit if you are ever wondering what to do on a sunny day. People spend the whole day there in the summer, it’s great.

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