A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013 

Charlie: Off on his very first Beavers sleepover tonight.  Looking oh so grown up.  This evening he is off on a 2 hour charity hike to the nearby woods and back raising money for UNICEF.  I am going to miss him so much, his first time away from us (other than at his grandparents)… the string that ties us is pulled very tight.

Rufus: Ready for Wimbledon!  Always out for something bonkers that one.  It’s his turn for the top bunk tonight his brother is not there.  Much excitement.

Today we have had the school fair.  A chance to raise money for playground improvements and a great family get together.  I was lucky enough to be on the Pimms stall, oh yes, the day seemed to have a rosier tone than normal! ;)
Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits – I can’t believe we are officially half way through the year!
  • Your children are so beautiful and seems like you are having a lovely summer. Have a lovely week too.


  • these are wonderful!. it seems as if your boys are growing in leaps and bounds of sweetness! xo

  • Very gorgeous photos of super cute kids!! Loving the Wimbledon readiness!! Xo

  • Ah, the Pimms stall. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. How very sophisticated your school fete is, I shall have to remember to suggest this one next year. My beaver had his overnight camp cancelled, but my cub is away this weekend, so I know exactly how you feel. Have been hoping that the tents didn’t blow away in the gale force winds! Not long now and they’ll be back with mud and tiredness and tales of daring derring-do. Have the washing-machine on stand-by.

  • Great photos, looks like you have much nicer weather there then we have here in Tassie at the moment.

  • the pimms stall?! RESULT!
    i’m so flipping emotional about isi at the moment. i always get like this at the end of term. it’s like new years eve. another year older. i seriously can’t cope with the growing up thing! x

  • these are great lou…there’s a real nostalgic feel to your photos lately. i know you have two modern wee boys but hey these are just the kind of things we were getting excited about this time of year too weren’t they? it’s lovely that some things don’t change :)

    hope the pimms is easing the angst waiting for charlie to get back to his top bunk! xx

  • geez I wish our school fair had a pimms stall….ours just had a bad instant coffee stall!…im off to email the committee!! x
    ps your boys are such handsome lads x

  • I love these, no mistaking that they are brothers. Nothing quite like taking over the top bunk!

  • These are great! Charlie looks just about that age that he still wants you to take pictures, but he isn’t going to let you know he’s happy about it :)

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