A portrait of my children (and us this one time) once a week, every week, in 2013 

Charlie: Here is telling us all about the little 2 man elevator that takes workman to the top of the tower of the suspension bridge.  The stuff that boy knows!

Rufus: Went on a school trip to a local farm this week.  He fed lambs milk in a bottle and went on a tractor ride.  The best kind of school trip ever for 5 year olds.

Dan:  Golden

Me: In front of Bristol’s famous Bridge.

It has been such beautiful weather today.  I worked a few hours at the local community centre on reception, whilst a family had their birthday party.  It was torture, knowing that outside was so so beautiful.  Straight after I finished Dan and the boys whisked me away to the woods for a evening cycle.  Perfect.

This week I decided to show us too – I hope you don’t mind.

  • I forgot to say, I linked to you in my 52 series this week as my favorite….

  • These photos reminded me of my husband’s childhood and the one I hope my children have.

  • These photo’s are just stunning, such a beautiful family you have!! Love the light in these pictures and the colors are gorgeous too!

  • Beautif images and you look gorgeous. Always lovely to see the person behind this great blog! Xo

  • It’s no wonder your children are so gorgeous when you can see where they get their looks from x

  • It’s fantastic that you’ve included both of you in the portraits, and they are really lovely pictures. I intended to take more of me this year, and it started well, but lately I’ve forgotten. When they are older I think your boys will love to look back and see some photos of you. It is so easy for mums to never be in any of the shots. I went a whole holiday once without appearing in a single picture!

  • Your pictures are stunning, I love the light and how they go so well together, I found you through Jodi’s blog and took a look at your work, it’s beautiful! x

  • beautiful portraits of your whole family! I love that you have shared some of you and yours. Special. xo

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