Fforest Camp…

During Half Term, we packed our bags, and drove west to the far coast of Wales for a mini adventure. For 2 nights we stayed at the quite stunning Manorafon Camp, part of Fforest.  Set in West Wales, close to the coastal town of Cardigan, Fforest is the most beautiful and unique camping experience I’ve ever stayed at.
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On arriving at the camp site, we were greeted with a warm welcome and shown our very cool dome, our home for the next few days.  Furnished with Welsh blankets, a log burner, thick duvets and deer skin rugs, it smelt of adventure, and belonged in the pages of Oh Pioneer.  We couldn’t have been more delighted!
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Our first night we ate with the other guests in the converted barn, lit by candle light and warmed from the stove in the corner.  Delicious home cooked bbq chicken, and salad followed by the most comforting berry crumble & ice cream.  Conversation between the fellow campers flowed whilst the children played.  That night, with full bellies, we climbed into our beds, with the log burner blazing, telling stories to each other.  Outside the rain began to fall and an owl hooted good night.  Cosy and blissfully we slept.
The next morning was full sunshine, the boys rushed down to play with the cats and to meet the other kids at breakfast.  Whilst Dan and I sat on the terrace drinking good coffee, looking out to sea.  Sian and her team have made such a wonderful place to stay, relax and dream.  The smallest detail has been thought of in making the perfect camping trip.  Warm beds, thick duvets and blankets.  The camp kitchen is fully equipped with beautiful enamel wear, pots, pans and teapots.  They have even taken the time to pack fresh coffee, and sugar ready for that important morning brew, just in case you have forgotten yours.
The Cardigan coastline is a place steeped in adventure, wild and free.  Dan and I have always wanted to visit, we have often talked of leaving the city behind and starting a new life there. A life of big skies, free  range children, and room to breathe (maybe one day…)  all I know is, as a family we came away feeling so relaxed, nourished and happy.  After just 2 days in this special place, we can’t wait to go back.
The beach, to follow…
For more information on Manorafon please visit their website.


  • gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! oh lou i love reading about your beautiful adventures, it sounds like heaven on earth xxxxxxx it’s post like this that always choke me up a bit as i am not sure how we could do something like this with tilly and my heart breaks a little…isn’t that silly that all these years on from her diagnosis there are still so many moments of ‘coming to terms’ with it all!!

  • What an amazing place! Wow..looks like quite the good time was had by all:)

  • Wow this place looks stunning. I feel a little suprise trip away coming on!

  • Such beautiful photographs, Lou. Think my boys would love it there too… Sigh. Maybe one day.

  • Wow this is the life!! It looks amazing. What a wonderful way to camp. We used to do a lot of camping but haven’t done any for the last four years. I think this will be our next trip so thank you so much for sharing as I have never heard of it. Xo

  • I always thought Cardigan looked like a beautiful place to visit. Lovely photos, much more luxurious than the camping we’re used to! x

  • That place does look amazing. I love the idea of lots of families coming together round the table and sharing a feast. Although I think I’d have been tempted to nick that basket of enamelware – that is gorgeous! x

  • That sounds like utter bliss! I’ve been looking at booking a getaway through ‘Canopy and stars’, which sounds similar. Happy holidays! :-) x

  • That looks amazing. I have three boys, and I know they would be in heaven there. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  • Oh wow Lou, it looks superb. I can really see that you and your boys would be in your element here. xo

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