Image by Kevin Russ from his Society 6 shop
It’s JUNE!
Oh blissful summer you have finally arrived…. (sincere apologies to my southern hemisphere friends, but finally it is our turn to have some warmth).
We have returned home from 2 weeks of holidays… in two different regions of the UK.  Feeling fresh and energised.  I actually have a bit of a tan, I know in the UK!!
Spending these past weeks outside, in glorious nature, wild beaches, buttercup covered meadows, under canopies of leafy woodlands, walking through carpets of wild flowers it has been a pleasure to holiday in the UK in May.  But coming back to our home in the city our urban courtyard looked shabby, dull and devoid of plants.  Gasp!
Yes… me, plant lover, I need plants!!
So, this weekend Dan and I have painted, planted and skipped the rubbish from our garden.  It is looking a whole lot better, but to be honest it isn’t that great.

I have a whole list of things…
* flooring – paving, cobbled or decked.  Anything to cover the concrete.  Or do I paint it?
* new parasol
* plants – most of our plants died this winter in the snow
* outdoor lighting

Help!  Suggestions please.

In other news, my JUNE LOVE LIST is up over there on the right, go see and enjoy!
Oh and this print above is by the stunningly talented Kevin Russ.  He spent a year living in his car, driving around the USA taking images of nature all on his Iphone.  I discovered him on instagram about a year ago, and have loved every image he has taken.  He has blown me away.  Some of his images are available to buy on Society 6.  I love this one above, and need it for my bedroom.  And I want to get the Buffalo for the boys room.

  • Your holidays sound fantastic, timed it well to enjoy the little bit of good weather we’ve had!

    We’re gearing up for summer here too; nothing better than being able to get outside and enjoy it, and it sounds like you’ve had a wealth of inspiration for your courtyard.

  • Glad you had such a wonderful time. It looked fab! Not so much a suggestion (or maybe it is), but I’m quite interested in edible flowers, anyone know of the best to grow? x

  • Your holidays sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing Russ’ work – that photo is breathtaking.

    We lost so many plants last winter too, that snow was merciless! I put off buying a “proper” bbq for years as I always thought they looked really expensive and fancy and much too big for our tiny garden. We recently bought a little kettle style bbq in Asda for £35. Its brilliant – the little shelf is so handy and it was such a great buy. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  • Glad youve had such wonderful holidays Lou. I’m loving all the different kinds of solar lights you can get now and for quite cheaply, like little strings of fairy lights to wrap around trees and plants or under the parasol. I bought some from Wilco about 3 years ago and theyre still going. I’ve seen some really pretty ones about this year though! xx

  • Love the energy of Russ’ photos – a great find, can’t wait to check his work out. Claire xo

  • I like evergreens in pots like yew, bay and box. They look nice all year, provide a nice structure and improve with age. And my favourite plants are figs, which are happy in pots. If you want something pretty that you can eat too, then blueberries are wonderful. They will need ericaceous compost and plenty of watering, but they always do really well and they don’t seem to suffer from any pests. And they have stunning red leaves in autumn. Happy gardening!

  • So glad it’s finally sunny. Have that lovely excitable feeling that a great summer is on its way.

  • I love gardening and plants too!
    In my humble opinion – this is a great website for help choosing plants – http://www.crocus.co.uk/right-plant/ I’ve bought plants from them, and whilst they aren’t the cheapest the quality has been very good.
    I covered an area in our old house garden with decking – lovely initialy, but very slippery when wet and needed re-staining /treating each year. I got very bored with that! We had a new patio built a couple of years ago and used Indian sandstone which has been nice – a lovely range of natural colours.
    Have fun!

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