Nature in the Home – a series… (Week 14)

Image via Floor Number Four
Hi there!  Last weeks challenge was green.  I thought it was going to be a little tricky for you, green flowers?!  But again you have all risen to it and surpassed yourself.  It was soo hard to choose an image for the week as all entries were brilliant.
I loved how Natalie chose to show the beauty of fresh young leaves, Charmaine cheekily added cowparsely to her herbs (which is a greeny/white flower), what I adored was the greenest of all green flowers the Euphorbia, hats off to Sarah, Polly,& Claudia for their contribution.
So this week you had the challenge of hedgerow, apologies if this was a little vague, I was thinking on my feet and surrounded by gorgeous hedgerows on holiday it is what came to me at the time.  I hope you all managed to find something?

Next weeks challenge:  Your favourite plant

Have a wonderful week, see you next Wednesday!

  • I am very late to the party this week, but enjoying joining in all the same. What a fantastic selection this week! x

  • I’ve missed participating in the challenge the last couple of weeks, and I will try harder to take time to take new photos. Meanwhile I’m off to check out this weeks links :)

  • I’m enjoying Nature in the Home too. And I have flowers in the house every week now – wonderful. It’s lovely to see what everyone else has found.

  • Just wanted to drop a little note to say how much I’ve enjoyed this the past couple of weeks… both thinking of what to do myself and seeing everyone else’s beautiful contributions. Thank you Lou! Bethan x

  • Apologies for not joining in this week, a mad schedule of cancer realted posts in the run up to the Race for Life this weekend meant I couldn’t join in but next week I’ll be back with my favourite one for sure x

  • I agree with Jane too – it brings another rhythm to my week. It feels almost like homework for the week – as a newly(ish) resigned SAHM, it’s nice to feel I’ve achieved something, and have a task that isn’t child related! I’m not explaining myself well…basically, thanks for starting this, I enjoy it! x

  • Lovely image and thank you for hosting a wonderful series that I find so inspiring. Glad you had a lovely holiday, pictures looked amazing xx

  • I agree with Jane, this project is such a lovely thing, I look forward to it each week and am definitely thinking more about the nature we bring indoors – anything can be beautiful! x

  • i too loved Natalie’s simple arrangement. thank you for the mention Lou. i think you will get a little kick out of mine this week

  • Thanks for the mention Lou :) what a lovely image by Maria at Floor Number Four, it really pops against the blue. As it happens I was in Dorset at the weekend, surrounded by hedgerows… good timing! I’m really enjoying participating in this series x

  • Thanks Lou for the mention, I am beyond thrilled :) I collected my hedgerow bits today and will be photographing later. Hope the clog planting goes well xx

  • What a super challenge, will be joining in later after I have done my hedgerow hunting

  • thank you lou for this series, i adore it! i can honestly say it’s changed my life for the better, my nature in the home is so important to me now xxxx

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