Nature in the Home – a Series… (Week 15)

Image by Bethan of Decorators Notebook
Hi There!
Apologies for my lateness this morning, was listening to Rufus’ class read.  Gosh they are a bright bunch of kids.  Level 5 in reception – mind blowing.
Anyway, how are we all doing?  Last week’s hedgerow challenge was super sweet and super hard for those outside the UK.  I hadn’t realised this when I set the task.  Sorry guys!  But, you all did rise to the challenge and nailed it.
Loved:  Karen’s honeysuckle and cow parsley arrangement (English countryside at its best), Claudia’s Miami take on hedgerow (the colour of those leaves!!), Sarah’s lichen covered branches, Bee’s blue jug of buttercups & clover and Jill’s bountiful displays in gorgeous vases.
Thank you all for joining in.  I’d like to mention that anyone at any time can join us.  You can dip in and out each week too, this series is open to all, from all corners of the globe.  You are most welcome.
So, this weeks challenge was ‘your favourite plant’ – I’m really looking forward to this.  Talking to Lottie in her garden last week, she has many roses and peonies, these are her favourites, I wonder what she’ll choose?  Mine will probably be Merlin… I feel an update coming on!

Next weeks challenge:

a gift
(clue:  for a friend, for yourself, from mother nature – something unexpected)
good luck!

  • Hi Lou,

    I just discovered your blog and would love to join in on the fun! Beautiful image by Bethan. I’m your newest follower :-)

  • Hi Lou … thanks for the mention … hedgerow flowers are so pretty and so often overlooked … looking forward to seeing Merlin … Bee xx

  • I missed the post last week, so my job for tomorrow is a post on my favourite plant xx

  • You used my picture! *squeals*
    Thanks Lou – not sure if I’ll be able to join in this week due to my fave plan growing only on remote coastal clifftops (!) but will apply some lateral thinking and see what I can do…
    Bethan x

  • Thanks for the mention. After seeing everyone else’s entries, I was feeling like I totally missed the mark on the hedgerow theme. But then I realized it’s more about bringing the beauty of nature in my home and not about nailing a theme. : ) This is so much fun – thank you for this link up!

  • hello Lou!! thank you for the mention. hedgerow was challenging but fun. i loved seeing all the different kinds from that side of the ocean. looking forward to seeing everyone’s favorite plant this week. i really need some peonies. have been seeing them a lot and am falling in love with them.

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