One small thing…

I was asked to take part in the Room for Improvement challenge by Money Supermarket.  The challenge was to add a small change to a room, with a limited budget.  It was suggested I do something that tied in my love of plants and Nature in the Home.  So here is how I did it…
* 4 meters of mustard yellow cord. I bought mine from B&Q quite cheaply.
* Pair of scissors
* Small pot plant – mine is from Ikea
* Small white plant pot – also from Ikea
1. Cut the cord into 4 equal lengths
2. Knot the four lengths together at one end (doesn’t need to be really neat you can trim it later)
3. Take two lengths and knot at equal distances apart (so it sits on the pot at the same spot either side)
4. Continue to knot until your pot feels secure. (I held mine up to make sure it was even)
5. Knot securely at the top.
6. Place in your pot and plant.
Voila!  You’ve made your own macrame pot holder.  How on trend and super cool!  Now go and pin your hard work.
So do you think it has improved my lounge?  I do.

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