Penbryn Beach…

Penbryn Beach, owned by the National Trust, is just a few minutes walk from the Manorafon campsite.  Walking down through the country lanes covered in foxgloves, grasses and red campion, you can hear the occasional bleat of a sheep and the tantalising sound of the waves.  Every twist and turn takes you down the valley closer to the beach.
And what a beach.  Wide, sandy and shallow.  Backed by grassy sand dunes and tall cave pitted cliffs either end. Penbryn is wild.  The rush of the waves is deafening, my first experience of this cold Atlantic sea…. it’s extreme.
The boys, wet suited, ran and played in the foam.  Whilst Dan and I read and brewed a cuppa.  We always take the Kelly Kettle out with us.  Dan and I are tea addicts, so we need to be prepared – always!  In just a few minutes the water is boiling and the magical smell of wood smoke mixes with the sea breeze.  Perfection.
We stayed at Manorafon Camp.
  • We went to Penbryn last May and really missed it this year! The beach, the river, the caves and the view. Beautiful. And great for a cuppa too. Wales is the best. X

  • wow what a gorgeous beach! reminds me off one i camped on in Ireland once xxxx

  • Oh Lou, these are the most dreamy, lovely photos. I’m almost transported there! Love that Kelly Kettle (not just for its name) – in Australia something like that would be called the “billy”. As in, get the billy boiling. Kellie xx

  • What beautiful photos. You’ve really captured the spirit of the beach there, it looks like an amazing place. x

  • These look like pictures from a classy magazine. Very lovely x

  • Looks beautiful and I love the Kettle, I’d not heard of one before but sounds pretty good to me, I’ll be showing D later!

  • Wow, another great camping place. The beach looks fantastic, and I think I am sold on the Kelly Kettle. We use to use the old trangia back in the good old day. Really beautiful photo’s of beautiful moments. xo

  • Your pictures are wonderful. I just love the sea. The Kelly Kettle is very interesting. I have never seen one before.

  • Gorgeous photos Lou … I know what you mean about the Atlantic … that’s the sea we paddle in on our beach visits and even on the sunniest days it is absolutely freezing … Bee xx

  • It looks like paradise! I wish I could bring my one-year old over there too!

  • This looks like such a beautiful beach. You take stunning photographs.

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