String Art Trellis…

images via Design Sponge
My sweet peas are currently trying to scramble up ugly bamboo canes. I hate them,  they are horrible to look at. I had every intention to get a couple of willow obelisks, but have you seen the price?  And where would I store them over winter (a big problem in a tiny courtyard, is lack of storage).
You know me, I need clever, cool and pretty in my life.  I spotted this cool DIY over on Design Sponge. How clever!  And so so pretty. (see it fits the brief!)
I think this is going to be my project for the weekend.  I’ll have to ask Dan to help with the wood, but dying string and buying plants, is so my thing! :)
What do you think?  What do you use for your climbers?
Full DIY tutorial can be found over here.
  • I love sweetpeas (who doesn’t) i must try and get some going in my garden, this looks like a good way to start! – Annie

  • We built an a-frame from strong hazel branches … a few As are needed … like a basic tent frame and then cut long lengths of willow which were woven through the hazels horizontally … works a treat for peas or beans … it’s very strong and looks good in the raised beds … love the design sponge one though … Bee xx

  • That looks so cool, I love it. I have some willow trellis, and at the moment the sweetpeas are huddling at the bottom. I so look forward to see what you do xo

  • That looks good – you can choose some bright colours for the string too…

    Managed to snaffle some big branches from near the house (surplus to requirements from a children’s den) for our runner beans. They look nice tied with twine. And I did the neighbours a favour by moving the wood from the road. Go me!

  • Lovely; that will look fantastic when the plants are all trained up it. I was hoping to get some hazel poles at the allotment site, as there is a little hazel copse just along from our plot, but none have been available yet.

  • I’ve got some hazel branches that work quite well to make a sort of teepee. Our neighbour brought them round as a gift soon after we moved in (I thought she was mad) but come Spring last year, I clipped off all the small twiggy bits and was left with about ten fine and true strong, straight branches. I put them into a large terracotta pot and bent them in at the top, tied with some parcel string. Worked a treat on our French beans last summer!

  • I was having this exact dilemma yesterday – mine are going against a wall, so I really didn’t want a bamboo pyramid thingy. Thanks for the tip!

  • This is such a great idea! I’m using old branches I found for my sweetpeas to climb up this year, I quite like it that they’re not perfectly straight and have a bit of character to them. Quite fancy trying this though :)

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