The Potager…

I had heard good things about the Falmouth Pop Up before we had left for Cornwall.  Locally sourced food, cooked by the wonderful Annie who used to co-run the Runcible Spoon here in Bristol.  In just a short time the Falmouth Pop Up has developed a large cult following, serving delicious food in unusual locations.  Recently Annie has converted her garage into an intimate dining room, serving breakfasts and suppers.
Annie has also recently taken over the running of the cafe at The Potager (whilst the owners are having time with their new born).  We stumbled into the cafe during a rain storm and were instantly made to feel at home.  Annie made us hot buttered toast with Apricot Jam and cups of tea while we talked about the Potager and the pop up.   Her love of food is immediately apparent as is her love of sharing it with people.
The Potager is like a Cornish version of Petersham Nurseries.  A series of large open greenhouses with different plants from across the globe.  In one glasshouse we discovered a Ping Pong table with a box of bats and balls beside it and a comfy sofa’s to view the game.  Large Cacti and Agaves jostled with wood carved sculptures.  It had a real sense of fun yet a calm place to curl up and read a book.
Outside walking through the gardens I discovered further places to play, A swing waiting to be sat on, hammocks for the ultimate lazy afternoon, a Badminton net on the lawn ready for a game. On into the vegetable garden and orchard beyond with free range hens scratching the grass, it made me want to go home and grow my own.  The Potager is a place to come for great food, to relax and play in a beautiful location.  And if you fancy, take a wander around the artists studio spaces which are there too.  It is definitely my kind of place.
For more information on Annie’s pop up supper clubs please visit her facebook page. If you are in the Lizard area of Cornwall, do take some time away from the Beaches and visit the Potager too, it is a real gem.
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